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Shut out by Social Security Disability? 

You need professional representation!   


You have an Absolute Right to representation before the Social Security Administration!!  It is never advisable to represent yourself before SSA; by doing so you are giving up the rights and advantages you would have had with an advocate.  Here are several reasons why you need professional representation:

  • The burden of proof lies on you in your disability claim; this means that in the eyes of SSA you are "not disabled" unless you can prove you are "disabled"!  Experienced, Local Disability Advocates will prepare your case and prepare a winning legal theory to present to the Social Security Administrative Law Judge to prove your disability.  

  • SSA usually calls expert witnesses to offer testimony regarding the medical and vocational aspects of your case.  As your advocate, we have the ability and the right to cross-examine these witnesses on your behalf.

  • The Administrative Law Judge WILL question you at your hearing.  It is very important to always be forthright and honest with the judge.  As your advocate, we will prepare you for the hearing and will cross-examine you at the hearing in order for the judge to get the full picture of your case and the best understanding of your disability.  Without representation you just cross your fingers and hope the right questions are asked.  

  • Every case is unique and has a combination of medical, non-medical, and technical factors.  No two cases are alike; therefore you cannot rely on the fact that someone else you know was awarded benefits.   Burns Disability is dedicated and understands how each of these factors affects your eligibility for benefits and will use this knowledge while representing you before SSA.

  • Our office has a dedicated staff that handles case file development.  This means that when we advocate for you, we ensure that the Judge has all of the evidence in your case.  We also are proactive and can request statements from your physicians regarding your disability that are specifically tailored to help answer the questions the Judge must answer; this puts us in a much stronger position in meeting our burden of proof that you are disabled.

  • THERE IS NO FEE UNTIL WE WIN YOUR CASE AND BENEFITS ARE PAID!  This means that you are not creating a bill here that you won't be able to pay.  This also means that we will work very hard to advocate on your behalf!


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Whether you choose to hire us or not, our office will:

  • Help you file your claim for benefits ~AT NO COST~

  • File your online appeal ~AT NO COST~

  • Evaluate your claim and discuss your chances of obtaining benefits ~AT NO COST~



If you are unable to work and have applied for or are thinking about applying for Social Security Disability Benefits, let our highly skilled and experienced staff work for you to get your disability claim awarded!  Our staff will represent you through all aspects of your claim and work to prove your case for payment.  Your family is depending on you, so act now to get the help you need!


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